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There have been many measures taken to try to turn the educational system towards more control, more indoctrination, more vocational training, imposing a debt, which traps students and young people into a life of conformity… That’s the exact opposite of [what] traditionally comes out of The Enlightenment. And there’s a constant struggle between those. In the colleges, in the schools, do you train for passing tests, or do you train for creative inquiry?


Passing tests doesn’t begin to compare with searching and inquiring and pursuing topics that engage us and excite us. That’s far more significant than passing tests and, in fact, if that’s the kind of educational career you’re given the opportunity to pursue, you will remember what you discovered.

Lendary linguist and cognitive scientist Noam Chomsky, born 85 years ago today, on the purpose of education (via explore-blog)

Shopping Vitória: corpos negros no lugar errado | Negro Belchior 

Automate As Much As Possible 


When you are starting up a business, automate as much as you can. You’ll have enough headaches along the way even if you automate everything, so save yourself some trouble up front and automate as much as you can figure out how to automate. Here are some examples:

Set up your payroll to be…

Kanye West vs. The xx - Touch The Sky (Carlos Serrano Mix)

A Zertico é grande vencedora do Prêmio de Competitividade para Micro e Pequenas Empresas – o MPE Brasil, na categoria Serviços de Tecnologia da Informação

Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies | Video on TED.com

(Fonte: ted.com)

Caiu na Net, Whatsapp e Suicídio 

Emicida & banda no Dia da Consciência Negra - "Cê Lá Faz Ideia" u=/watch?v=guAp5-97TXo&feature=share 

"Cê já noto, e ó que eu nem falei minha cor ainda…"

The Development Abstraction Layer - Joel on Software 

Simples assim…


Dog walking in Madison Square Park

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